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Privacy Policy

Welcome to The IELTS School's privacy notice. Throughout this document, references to "we", "our", or "us" pertain to The IELTS School.




This notice outlines our approach to handling all information pertaining to you. It details the conditions under which we process any data collected from you or provided by you. This encompasses both personally identifiable information ("personal information") and non-identifiable information. By "process," we mean the collection, storage, transfer, use, or any other action related to information.


We value your privacy and strive to safeguard your personal data. We acknowledge that all visitors to our website have the right to expect their data to be used only as they intend and that it won't inadvertently fall into the hands of third parties.


Our commitment to protecting your privacy is in compliance with UK law, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


As required by law, we inform you about your rights and our obligations concerning the processing and control of your personal data. We urge you to review the information available at


Unless stated otherwise below, we do not share, sell, or disclose any information collected through our website with third parties.



Bases for Processing Your Information


To comply with the law, we determine the basis under which we process different categories of your personal information and notify you of the basis for each category.


If a basis for processing your personal information becomes irrelevant, we will cease processing your data immediately.


In case of any changes to the basis, we will notify you, if required by law, along with any new basis for continuing to process your information.


1. Information Processed Due to Contractual Obligation


When you create an account, purchase a product or service, or agree to our terms and conditions, a contract is established between you and us.


To fulfill our obligations under this contract, we process the information you provide. Some of this information may be personal.


We may use it to:


    - Verify your identity for security purposes

    - Facilitate product sales

    - Deliver our services

    - Offer product/service recommendations and advice


This information is processed based on our contractual relationship or your request for information before entering into a contract.


Additionally, we may aggregate this data for general purposes, such as monitoring service performance, without identifying individuals.


We will continue to process this information until the contract ends or is terminated by either party.


2. Information Processed with Your Consent


In instances where there is no contractual relationship, such as browsing our website or requesting information about our business, including products and services, you provide consent for us to process your information.


We strive to obtain your explicit consent whenever possible, such as through cookie consent.


Implicit consent may occur, for example, when you email us expecting a response.


Unless you've explicitly consented to a specific purpose, we won't use your information to identify you personally. We may aggregate it for general purposes, like monitoring webpage performance.


With your explicit permission, we may occasionally share your name and contact details with selected associates whom we believe offer relevant services or products.


We will process your information on this basis until you withdraw consent or it's reasonably assumed that your consent no longer exists.


You can withdraw your consent anytime by contacting us at However, this may limit your access to our website or services.


3. Information Processed for Legitimate Interests


We may process information based on legitimate interests, whether to you or us.


When processing your information for this reason, we consider:


    - Alternative methods to achieve the same objective

    - Potential harm caused by processing or not processing

    - Your expectations regarding data processing and its reasonableness


For example, we may process your data to:


    - Maintain records for business administration

    - Respond to your unsolicited communications

    - Protect and assert legal rights

    - Obtain professional advice to manage business risk

    - Safeguard your interests when we have a duty to do so


4. Information Processed Due to Legal Obligation


Like everyone else, we're bound by the law. Sometimes, we process your information to comply with legal obligations.


For instance, we may need to provide information to legal authorities upon request or with proper authorization, such as a court order or search warrant.


This may include personal information.


Specific Uses of Information Provided to Us


5. Information Shared with Third Parties


Our website enables you to post information for others to read, copy, download, or use.


This includes:


    - Posting on our forum

    - Tagging images

    - Interacting with other visitors' posts


While we do not specifically use this information except for display or sharing, we reserve the right to use it in the future.


Once information enters the public domain, we bear no responsibility for third-party actions.


Upon your reasonable request and absence of a legal basis for retention, we may agree to delete posted personal information. Contact us at to make a request.


6. Content Complaints


If you raise a complaint about content on our website, we will investigate and, if necessary, remove the content during the investigation.


We aim to balance free speech rights and the need to address offensive content.


If we consider your complaint baseless, we won't engage in further correspondence.


7. Payment Information


We never receive or store payment information. Your data is securely handled by reputable payment service providers like PayPal.


8. Job Applications and Employment


If you submit information for a job application, we may retain it for future contact.


During your employment, we collect and use information directly related to your role. After employment ends, we retain your file for six years before deletion.


9. Support Team Communication


When you contact us, we collect data necessary to address your inquiry and enhance our service efficiency.


We retain personally identifiable information to track our communications with you.


10. Complaint Handling


We record and use information provided in complaints to resolve them efficiently.


If necessary, we may share complaint details with relevant parties, but only at our discretion.


We may compile statistics from complaint data to assess service levels, ensuring individual privacy.


11. Affiliate and Business Partner Information


Information provided by you as our affiliate or business partner allows us to track visitor referrals and credit commissions. This information is solely used for this purpose.


We maintain confidentiality and expect partners to reciprocate this policy.


Automated Information Collection


12. Cookies


Our website uses cookies to enhance user experience and gather usage statistics.


Upon your first visit, we request your consent for cookie usage. If declined, cookies won't be used except to record your preference.


Disabling cookies may limit website functionality.


We use cookies to:


    - Track website usage

    - Record engagement with displayed messages

    - Capture survey responses


13. Browsing Activity Identifiers


We record requests from your web browser to our servers, including geographical location, internet service provider, IP address, and device information.


This aggregated data helps us gauge webpage popularity and content delivery effectiveness.


When combined with previous information, browsing data might identify you personally, even without signing in.


14. Re-marketing


We may use re-marketing cookies to display our adverts on other websites you visit after browsing ours.


Third-party providers may facilitate this service.


Information Disclosure and Sharing


15. Third-party Data


Although we don't disclose personal information to


 third parties, we may receive indirectly derived data from third-party services we use.


This data isn't personally identifiable to you.


16. Third-party Advertising


Third-party advertisers on our website may use technology to collect information about you for ad personalization and performance measurement.


We lack control over these technologies and their data practices.


17. Data Processing Outside the EU


We host our websites in the United States and may use outsourced services in other non-EU countries.


Data collected within or outside the EU may be processed abroad.


Access and Control of Your Information


18. Access to Personal Information


You may review or update your personally identifiable information by signing in to your website account.


For information not available on our website, contact us at for assistance.


We will inform you of the expected information delivery timeline upon receiving your request.


19. Information Removal


To remove personally identifiable information from our website, contact us at


This action may affect the services we provide.


20. Information Verification


We take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making changes to your personal information.



Other Considerations


21. Site Use by Children


We don't market products or services to children, nor do we sell to them. If you're under 18, access our website only with parental or guardian consent.


22. Data Encryption


We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates to verify our identity and encrypt data you provide us.


You can verify SSL usage in your browser's URL bar.


23. Complaint Resolution


For privacy policy concerns or complaints, email us at


If disputes arise, we encourage mediation or arbitration to find a resolution.


24. Personal Data Retention


We retain personal information only as long as necessary for service provision, legal compliance, or defense purposes.


25. Legal Compliance


Our privacy policy adheres to all applicable laws and jurisdictions. If you believe it violates your local laws, please inform us.


However, your decision to use our website remains your choice.


26. Privacy Policy Updates


We may update this policy periodically. The version in effect on your website visit applies. Consider printing a copy for your records.


For privacy policy inquiries, contact us at

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