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A male IELTS student of The IELTS school reading the IELTS writing corrections he has received from his IELTS teacher
IELTS Writing Corrections

Get your writing corrected and scored by an expert and learn what you need to do to improve.

Personalised advice video

Band 9 essay and structure

All mistakes corrected

From $20/essay

Watch a sample
feedback video

Watch the feedback we gave Natalia on one of her Task 2 submissions and see how we helped her reach her target score of a Band 7 in IELTS Writing.

"This is the best IELTS writing help available. The feedback is not only a document but also the teacher explained all the mistakes so you could understand easily how to do it better the following time. I am sure that without this help from The IELTS School I wouldn't get 7." 




IELTS Band 7 (Writing)

What are IELTS Writing Corrections by The IELTS School? 

Send us your writing and one of our IELTS experts will assess it, correct it, give you your writing scores and tell you what and how to improve. You'll get: 

  • A personalised feedback video: An IELTS expert will walk you through the key mistakes in your essay, explaining in detail how to fix them and how to address the question more effectively so that you can reach your target score.

  • Your writing corrected: Our expert will correct all of the vocabulary and grammar mistakes made in your writing, and this corrected document will be sent to you with your feedback video so that you can keep a record of your mistakes and work on overcoming them.

  • A Band 9 sample answer: We will also send you a sample answer to the question you tackled so that you can see how best to answer the question, as well as learn vocabulary and grammar that will be useful in your future writing.  

  • A recommended essay structure: Your correction document will also include an essay structure so that in a simple and easy-to-learn way you can see what each sentence of the essay/letter should include in order to get the best possible score.

  • Expert advice: All of our feedback is given by IELTS experts with many years experience working in the field, so you can be sure that the advice and scores you get will be accurate, reliable, and useful.

  • 48-hour return time: Your feedback will be delivered to you no later than 48 hours after the submission time.

  • No robots!: We do not rely on inaccurate and misleading AI checkers. All of our feedback is delivered by experienced expert humans!

Who can benefit from our IELTS Writing Corrections?

IELTS Writing poses a significant challenge to many students. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, our IELTS Writing Corrections are the help you need:

  • You find IELTS Writing the most challenging part of the exam: It's a common feeling among students that IELTS Writing is the most difficult part of the exam. If you're struggling to break through a certain band score and feel stuck, our expert feedback can provide the guidance and insights needed to elevate your writing skills.

  • You've been attempting the exam without success: For some, the journey to achieving their target IELTS score can be arduous, with numerous unsuccessful attempts. If you're on the verge of giving up on your dreams due to persistent challenges in reaching your desired score, our IELTS Writing Corrections can help identify and address the specific issues holding you back.

  • You have no idea about your current Writing band score: If you haven't taken the IELTS exam yet or are unsure about your current Writing band score, our feedback service can provide a comprehensive assessment. As well as telling you your overall band score (and your scores for Task Achievement, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resource and Grammatical Range and Accuracy), we will also give you detailed feedback on your mistakes and tell you how to improve your overall performance.

  • You are unsure of how to approach each kind of IELTS Writing task: Many students find the different kinds of Task 1 and 2 questions confusing and do not how best to approach them. Our Writing Feedback will show you the best way to tackle every kind of question you can get in Writing Task 1 (Academic or General Training) and Task 2. In the feedback video, our expert will walk you through the best approach to the task type you have attempted. Additionally, we include a recommended structure and a sample answer with each piece of feedback, which show you the best method for responding to the given question.

  • You are close to your target score and need a final push: Sometimes, you might be just a step away from your desired score in IELTS Writing. Our feedback service can offer valuable tips and insights to fine-tune your writing abilities, ensuring that you make that final leap to reach your target score.

  • You are sure you make vocabulary and grammar mistakes, but you don't know what they are: Whether it's grappling with complex sentence structures, struggling with word choice, or facing challenges in article and noun usage, our IELTS Writing Corrections provide personalised insights into the kinds of grammar and vocabulary mistakes you make. Our experts pinpoint your weaknesses, offering tailored advice to enhance your writing skills.

  • You think the range of vocabulary and grammar you use is too limitedOur IELTS Writing Corrections helps expand your vocabulary range and improve your knowledge of complex grammar structures, enabling you to express ideas more effectively and coherently. It does this by means of the corrections the teacher makes and explanations of them that they give in the feedback video, as well as through exposure to very high-level writing in the provided Band 9 sample answers. 

  • You want to practice under exam conditions before the real test: As the IELTS exam date approaches, practicing under simulated exam conditions can be immensely beneficial. Our IELTS Writing Corrections service provides you with the opportunity to experience the pressures of the real test, helping you fine-tune your writing skills, manage time effectively, and boost your confidence for the actual exam.

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How do our IELTS Writing Corrections work?

Follow these simple steps to reach expert help.

A male IELTS student of The IELTS School who is watching the video feedback on his IELTS Writing Task 2 essay he has just received from his IELTS teacher

Choose a corrections package

Choose below from:

1 IELTS Writing Correction

3 IELTS Writing Corrections

5 IELTS Writing Corrections

We send you the question list

When you make your payment, you'll be sent a list of authentic questions to choose from: Task 1 Academic, Task 1 General Training, or Task 2

Send us your writing

When you've written your essay, send it to us using the portal linked to in the question list.

Receive your feedback

You will be sent your feedback video, corrected document and Band 9 sample answer within 48 hours of the submission time by email.

Fix your mistakes

Now it's time to make the changes and improvements in your writing that have been suggested by the teacher. Using the guidance they've given, you will work on fixing your mistakes.

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How much do our IELTS Writing Corrections cost?

Take a look at our IELTS Writing Corrections packages:

1 IELTS Writing



3 IELTS Writing



5 IELTS Writing Corrections*


* 1 IELTS Writing Correction = 1 Task 1 Academic essay or 1 Task 1 General Training letter or 1 Task 2 essay.


For each Writing Correction, you will get:

  • a detailed feedback video explaining your band score and key mistakes 

  • a correction document with all your key vocab and grammar mistakes corrected

  • a Band 9 sample answer and recommended essay structure

  • advice on how to improve to reach your target score

Our IELTS teachers

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Your writing will be checked, corrected, and scored by our team of IELTS experts, and you will get explanations and advice directly from them in your feedback video. All of our teachers are highly experienced, fully credentialed IELTS experts with 10+ years of teaching experience.​ 
Painted headshot of a female IELTS teacher who is smiling in a friendly and confident way at the viewer


IELTS expert

Read more

Painted headshot of a male IELTS teacher who is smiling in a friendly and confident way at the viewer


IELTS expert

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Painted headshot of a male IELTS teacher who is smiling in a friendly and confident way at the viewer


IELTS expert

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What our students say

Farah (Penang, Malaysia)

IELTS Band 7.5 (Writing)

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"The writing correction service is exceptional. I got remarkable improvement in my essays and language and increased my exam score."
  • How long does it take to receive my feedback?
    You'll receive your feedback up to 48 hours after the submission time. The feedback video and document will be sent to the email address you provide in the submission form.
  • Can I send more than one submission at a time?
    You can send as many submissions as you like, but you should bear in mind that you will make much more progress in your writing if you leave some time between submissions so that you can understand and work on the mistakes identified in the feedback and put into practice the improvements suggested. If, on the other hand, you send lots of submissions at once, you won't have the opportunity to make the most of the guidance given by your teacher and receive further advice based on the changes you've made to your approach.
  • Can I answer a question that is not on the question list?
    When you purchase Writing Corrections, you'll be sent a question list and you must choose a question from this list or your submission will not be marked. The list includes an extensive range of Task 1 (Academic and General Training) and Task 2 questions and gives a reliable indication of the kinds of questions you will get in the actual exam. The main reason for having a question list is that it ensures that we can offer you the best possible service. It also means that we can show you a sample answer for the question you've answered, which is an important tool to understand the best approach to a question as well as an essential resource for learning topic-specific vocabulary and key grammar structures. In addition, we want to be sure that the questions you're using are trustworthy. We don't want to let students write essays based on questions that aren't reliable because that would not help to prepare them for the real exam. ​ If you've written an essay in answer to a question that isn't on the list and you want feedback on it, you can book a 1-to-1 class with a teacher and use that lesson to get 1-to-1 help with your essay.
  • If I purchase 1 Writing Correction, can I send a Task 1 submission and a Task 2 submission together?
    No, this isn't possible. 1 Writing Correction entitles you to send 1 Task 1 submission OR 1 Task 2 submission. If you would like to send both a Task 1 submission AND a Task 2 submission at the same time, then you must purchase more than 1 Writing Correction.
  • Can I send my submission by email?
    When you purchase Writing Corrections, in the question list you'll be sent you'll find instructions on how to submit and a link to the submission portal. Please use this submission portal to submit your essay instead of sending the essay by email.
  • Can I send a photo of a handwritten essay or do I have to type my essay?
    No, this isn't possible. We only accept submissions that are typed into the submission portal. The reason for this is that the feedback we'll send you will include a document in which the mistakes you've made and the corrections of them will be clearly indicated, and this is only possible in a digital format, not using a handwritten document. We've found that this form of feedback document is the most effective and helpful method to deliver feedback to a student.
  • Is there a difference between Task 2 Academic and Task 2 General Training questions?
    No, there isn't any difference between the Task 2 questions that are used in the Academic form of the exam and the General Training form of the exam. That's why our question list includes all-purpose Task 2 questions, without any distinction made for each form of the exam.
  • How many words should I write?
    You should aim to write a minimum of 250 words for Task 2 and a minimum of 150 words for Task 1 (Academic and General Training). Submissions that are below these minimums are accepted. ​ In fact, the optimal ranges for word counts are: Task 1 (Academic and General Training): 160-200 words Task 2: 260-300 words If the length of your submissions falls roughly within these ranges, then you can be sure your submission is not too short or too long. ​ Please note that Task 2 submissions of longer than 330 words and Task 1 submissions of longer than 230 words will not be accepted. This is because it is not an effective use of your time to write essays that are longer than 330 and 230 words respectively as writing such lengthy essays won't give you sufficient time to plan effectively beforehand and proofread afterwards.
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