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The gesturing hands of an IELTS student who is doing a mock speaking test on their laptop with an IELTS teacher from the IELTS school
IELTS Mock Speaking Tests

Get your speaking checked and scored by an expert and get advice on how to improve.

Speaking mistakes corrected

Expert advice - reliable score

Online - via Zoom

From $30/session

What are IELTS Mock Speaking Tests by The IELTS School? 

When you attend an online IELTS Mock Speaking Test with one of our IELTS experts, they will assess your speaking, correct your mistakes, give you your speaking scores and tell you what and how to improve. You'll get: 

  • A full mock speaking test: You will take an authentic IELTS Speaking test under exam conditions.

  • Your speaking scores: Right after you finish the mock speaking test, the examiner will tell you your scores for each of the four scoring categories (Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy, and Pronunciation), as well as your overall speaking band score.

  • Your mistakes identified and explained: They will then tell you about any mistakes you made in each of the four scoring categories and explain these mistakes and how they should be fixed.

  • Advice on how to improve: The teacher will also explain what action you need to take from now on in order to avoid making the same mistakes so that you can reach your target score next time.

  • Conducted on Zoom: The 30-minute session will be conducted online using Zoom.

  • No robots!: We do not rely on inaccurate and misleading AI checkers. All of our feedback is delivered by experienced expert humans!

Who can benefit from our IELTS Mock Speaking Tests?

Navigating through the challenges of the IELTS Speaking section can be a daunting task for many students. You'll benefit from our Speaking Feedback if:

  • You are unsure of how to approach each section: Performing well in each of the three parts of the IELTS speaking test requires a suitable strategy, and if you don't know what strategy to use, that can limit your score for Fluency and Coherence. As part of our IELTS Mock Speaking Tests, we will explain how you can improve your approach to each section to optimise your scores.

  • You are nervous about speaking: Taking a mock speaking test under exam conditions is a good way of familiarising yourself with the environment and pressures of the actual IELTS Speaking test. It's like a practice run that helps ease those jitters and boosts your confidence. Going through a mock test lets you experience what it's really like, from the timing to the types of questions you might face. The more you practise in a simulated test setting, the more natural and comfortable you will become with the process.

  • You are unsure of what your Speaking weaknesses are: You may have taken the IELTS exam before and have failed to reach your target score in speaking, but you don't know why you failed and what aspects of your speaking you must improve. You can learn all about your weaknesses and the steps you must take to improve in those areas from our IELTS Mock Speaking Tests.

  • You would like to know your speaking score before booking the actual exam: Booking the IELTS exam is a big commitment, and it can be very useful to take a mock speaking test if you're uncertain about your current speaking abilities. It's like a sneak peek into where you stand before making the decision to go for the actual exam.  During a mock test, our experienced assessors evaluate your performance, providing insights into your potential band score. This information can be instrumental in guiding your decision to book the exam.

  • You would like guidance on a specific IELTS Speaking issue: If you are already aware of your biggest speaking weaknesses but need help from an IELTS expert on how best to overcome them, then you'll get exactly the personalised attention you need from our IELTS Mock Speaking Tests. Whether it's struggles with pronunciation, hesitation in responding, vocabulary and grammar mistakes or difficulty organising your thoughts, our assessors pinpoint these issues during the mock test so that you receive tailored advice on how to improve.

  • You want to practise under exam conditions shortly before the real exam: As the exam approaches, many candidates feel it is beneficial to have a mock speaking test to simulate the actual exam environment. It's like a final rehearsal to fine-tune your speaking skills and get accustomed to the time constraints and pressure of the real test. This close-to-real experience can be incredibly valuable in boosting your confidence and readiness. 

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How do our IELTS Mock Speaking Tests work?

Follow these simple steps to reach expert help.

Choose a Mock Speaking Test package

Choose below from:

1 IELTS Mock Speaking Test

2 IELTS Mock Speaking Tests

We send you the booking schedule

When you make your payment, you'll be sent a link to the booking schedule. Choose a day and time that suits you best from the range of options available.

Attend the Speaking Test

Once you have booked your test, you'll be sent a Zoom link. Click on this link at the start of your Speaking Test to join the session.

Receive feedback

After you have completed the 15-minute Speaking Test, in the remaining 15 minutes your teacher will give your speaking scores and feedback on your performance and explain how and what needs to be improved.

Fix your mistakes

Now it's time to make the improvements in your speaking that have been suggested by the teacher. Using the guidance they've given, you will work on fixing your mistakes.

A female student of the The IELTS School who is taking notes before doing Part 2 of an IELTS Speaking test during a mock speaking test
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How much do our IELTS Mock Speaking Tests cost?

Check out our IELTS Speaking Feedback packages:

1 IELTS Mock

Speaking Test*


2 IELTS Mock

Speaking Tests*


* 1 IELTS Mock Speaking Test = 1 30-minute Zoom session with an IELTS expert.

For each Mock Speaking Test, you will get:

  • a full mock speaking test 

  • your speaking scores

  • your mistakes identified and explained

  • advice on how to improve to reach your target score

What our students say

Hajr (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

IELTS Band 8 (Speaking)

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"I was very scared of the speaking test because I have not experienced this kind of test before, but the mock speaking test from The IELTS School was so helpful. It made me calm and confident and I could learn my mistakes. In the exam, I adapted the techniques and I got more than my target score."
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Our IELTS teachers

Your speaking test will be conducted by our team of IELTS experts, and you will get explanations and advice directly from them during your speaking session.
Painted headshot of a female IELTS teacher who is smiling in a friendly and confident way at the viewer


IELTS expert

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Painted headshot of a male IELTS teacher who is smiling in a friendly and confident way at the viewer


IELTS expert

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Painted headshot of a male IELTS teacher who is smiling in a friendly and confident way at the viewer


IELTS expert

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  • How long does it take to receive my feedback?
    You'll receive your feedback up to 48 hours after the submission time. The feedback video and document will be sent to the email address you provide in the submission form.
  • Can I send more than one submission at a time?
    You can send as many submissions as you like, but you should bear in mind that you will make much more progress in your writing if you leave some time between submissions so that you can understand and work on the mistakes identified in the feedback and put into practice the improvements suggested. If, on the other hand, you send lots of submissions at once, you won't have the opportunity to make the most of the guidance given by your teacher and receive further advice based on the changes you've made to your approach.
  • Can I answer a question that is not on the question list?
    When you purchase Writing Corrections, you'll be sent a question list and you must choose a question from this list or your submission will not be marked. The list includes an extensive range of Task 1 (Academic and General Training) and Task 2 questions and gives a reliable indication of the kinds of questions you will get in the actual exam. The main reason for having a question list is that it ensures that we can offer you the best possible service. It also means that we can show you a sample answer for the question you've answered, which is an important tool to understand the best approach to a question as well as an essential resource for learning topic-specific vocabulary and key grammar structures. In addition, we want to be sure that the questions you're using are trustworthy. We don't want to let students write essays based on questions that aren't reliable because that would not help to prepare them for the real exam. ​ If you've written an essay in answer to a question that isn't on the list and you want feedback on it, you can book a 1-to-1 class with a teacher and use that lesson to get 1-to-1 help with your essay.
  • If I purchase 1 Writing Correction, can I send a Task 1 submission and a Task 2 submission together?
    No, this isn't possible. 1 Writing Correction entitles you to send 1 Task 1 submission OR 1 Task 2 submission. If you would like to send both a Task 1 submission AND a Task 2 submission at the same time, then you must purchase more than 1 Writing Correction.
  • Can I send my submission by email?
    When you purchase Writing Corrections, in the question list you'll be sent you'll find instructions on how to submit and a link to the submission portal. Please use this submission portal to submit your essay instead of sending the essay by email.
  • Can I send a photo of a handwritten essay or do I have to type my essay?
    No, this isn't possible. We only accept submissions that are typed into the submission portal. The reason for this is that the feedback we'll send you will include a document in which the mistakes you've made and the corrections of them will be clearly indicated, and this is only possible in a digital format, not using a handwritten document. We've found that this form of feedback document is the most effective and helpful method to deliver feedback to a student.
  • Is there a difference between Task 2 Academic and Task 2 General Training questions?
    No, there isn't any difference between the Task 2 questions that are used in the Academic form of the exam and the General Training form of the exam. That's why our question list includes all-purpose Task 2 questions, without any distinction made for each form of the exam.
  • How many words should I write?
    You should aim to write a minimum of 250 words for Task 2 and a minimum of 150 words for Task 1 (Academic and General Training). Submissions that are below these minimums are accepted. ​ In fact, the optimal ranges for word counts are: Task 1 (Academic and General Training): 160-200 words Task 2: 260-300 words If the length of your submissions falls roughly within these ranges, then you can be sure your submission is not too short or too long. ​ Please note that Task 2 submissions of longer than 330 words and Task 1 submissions of longer than 230 words will not be accepted. This is because it is not an effective use of your time to write essays that are longer than 330 and 230 words respectively as writing such lengthy essays won't give you sufficient time to plan effectively beforehand and proofread afterwards.
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